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City Taxi Association was founded in 1995. Our headquarters are located in Słupsk street Kołłątaja 32 (train station). At the moment we are most abundant Association couting 80 people. Over the years we gave themselves as an Association taking active part in the life of our city. Among other things, we collected the signatures from our residents for the purchase of angiography for our hospital, we give also the share of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy) for what we received thanks from the city authorities and organizers. We are participating in the organization by the editors of the Voice of Pomerania bicycle racing on the occasion of Children's Day. Our services are made in a fair and honest, which is expressed by a growing number of regular customers. We thank them all and see you in our taxis.

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Oferta dzierżawy reklamy na szybie o wymiarach 190 x 93cm Centrali TAXI CITY na dworcu PKP w Słupsku.

Cena 1000 zł brutto za miesiąc (możliwość negocjacji).

Miejsce na reklamę można podzielić na dwie lub trzy części. Atrakcyjne położenie Centrali przy zejściu z peronów do hali głównej dworca.

Reklama City Taxi

Lot Ustka CIty taxi

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